Latest Mtn Free Browsing Cheat For June 2020 Using TunnelTweak Vpn

We been getting new signal recently concerning some mobile network giving us access to get some tricks via loophole to browse seamlessly, the most awesome part of this is that you dont need anythng in your balance which means you can use this cheat with N0.0K, although you need a vpn called TunnelTweak Vpn

Note you dont need to learn anything about this cause it is very easy to setup and also easy to setup, now let move to the main point

What Is TunnelTweak Vpn?

Tunneltweak is the Best VPN app on playstore, tunneltweak tunnels SSH over SSL, or tunnel HTTP over SSH. This app lets you send customized HTTP Request Message to the server.


  • Smartphone
  • Mtn Sim  (4G)
  • Minimum Of 100N
  • TunnelTweak       
Download TunnelTweak Vpn
Launch the app once download is complete now
In the setup box, will send some said and u choose “Mtn Data Sim0.0k”
Click on Save, then hit the connect button
Once it connect successfully
Boom you can now Download / Stream and Chat without limit 

Happy Blazing


Written by TechNg


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