How to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data On Mtn And Airtel

What is opera

Opera is a secure, innovative browser used by millions around the world with a built-in ad blocker, free VPN, units converter, social messengers, battery saver  etc

Opera has launched a cool features and bonanza for us to enjoy but the bad part is that the megabyte given to us is too small to enjoy for the day because we will like to chat, stream and also download which opera did not give us access ito instead we are limited  by giving us small/little data to enjoy for the day

We as a a techng team we made some research and we got a simple hack on how to use opera data without limit which is called unlimited and am really sure you will be happy to see this simple hack work for, dont panic it work for all user using mtn and airtel currently etisalat is into another giveaway offer which you will see in my next post


  • Own a smartphone
  • Have a stable internet connection
  • Download Opera Mini / Opera mini lite
  • Get a working mtn / airtel sim card
Step One

1. Launch your operamini browser

2. You will  see a pop up showing “you have been granted 50mb on opera just tap on “Am In”
3. Start browsing till you get out of data
4. To continue using this data go to your phone setting and click on app/ app and notification
5. Click on opera / operamini lite the clear the app data then go back to the app and launch it again
6. Boom you will be given another 50mb data again to browse again….
Step 2

1. After installing operamini go to your phone setting
2. Scroll down and locate the “Developer option” as shown below then on the “Dont Keep Activities” option on
3. I know we will be suprise that what the usefulness of  Dont Keep Activities 
4. Dont Keep Activities crashes and delete files related to an app once closed  eg when you open opera mini to browse then you closed it after you done Dont Keep Activities will auto delete the app data and cache so it will start again afresh when open, so this method is faster that method one
Note when using Dont Keep Activities do not open any app apart from operamini browser  else the data will be cleared once closed
Happy Blazing


Written by TechNg


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