How To Get Airtel 1Gb Data Using My Airtel App

Hello Guys, good morning hope you are enjoying your stay at home? am sure you are. During this holiday period lo of give away have been given out from different location, country world etc, even network providers are also included

Among this network providers, Airtel decided to give us free 1GB worth of data for 7 days, using there mobile app..

Which app are we talking about in particular because airtel have a lot of mobile app that perform different task entirely, but the one we are talking about here is My Airtel mobile app which is currently giving out 1GB worth of data to airtel users only.

What Is My Airtel  

My Airtel is an app used to buy airtime, bundles, check Balance, pay Bills, send & receive money on your fingertips. My Airtel App also give you a unlimited offer and quick access to all their product, services and information. 

How To Get Airtel Free Data Using My Airtel

  • Good internet connection
  •  Get a working smartphone
  • Download My Airtel
  • Register with your airtel number
  • Make sure the sim is in your smartphone
  • Check Your Data balance

Download My Airtel app on playstore by clicking Here

In the welcome page register with your airtel number make sure the sim is in your device because an otp will be sent to it and it will be read and verified automatically

After verification the Homepage will open as shown below

Boom this is where the workings end just sit back and wait for a message which says “Congratulations, you have been credited with free Airtel App, just check your data  balance with *140# and see your 1024Mb (1gb) smilling at you

Enjoy the data while it last……….

Kindly drop a comment below once you get yours…


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